Love The Bachelor? Then you’re here for the right reasons! Do you want One Direction to reunite? Us too. Do you pronounce “Bey” like “bee” and not “bae"? Congratulations on being a true card-carrying member of the BeyHive. The Culture Crunch is a space for young women who unabashedly love celebrity gossip, movies, television, and music. We aim to provide an inclusive space for young women to think critically about the way pop culture reflects society.

Founded in 2018 by Natalie Makovora, The Culture Crunch started as a grad school assignment, but has since turned into her passion project. The first season of The Culture Crunch Podcast, hosted solely by Natalie, was listened to over 500 times across the world with topics ranging from the Oscars to LGBTQ+ representation.

In 2019, frequent guest Megan Olaveson joined the podcast as a permanent co-host.